Preventing and controlling winter rodent problems

December 2015


Despite continued relatively mild weather for the time of year, the drops in temperature potentially attract unwelcome visitors.


When it is cold and wet or snowy outside, pests are likely to seek the warmth and shelter of the inside of homes, and outbuildings such as sheds and garages.


Martyn Ward Central Services Manager at Norwich Norse says there are a number of things we can do to help reduce the entry of pests at this time of the year.


“Rats and mice can be a major problem as the winter approaches,” he says. “They start to seek warmer locations and can get into houses and buildings through very small openings. They can even climb gutter down pipes to gain access to the loft area.”


“They can be attracted to an area to start with because there is a food source.  You may want to ensure that birds have something to eat during winter, but it is important not to over feed.  Putting out too much, particularly late in the day, means that it may not all get consumed and rodents will probably find the remaining food.”


Martyn also says that it is advisable to keep outbuildings and gardens clear of waste as rats and mice will gnaw through a wide variety of materials including plastic to obtain food and water. “Store boxes off the floor,” he suggests, “as they don’t like open spaces.”


If you are unfortunate enough to get a problem with rodents, Martyn says it is important to take the correct action. “There is no point in baiting when there is no activity; it’s just a waste of money. And make sure that you use the best bait for the job; some loose baits can easily be dislodged and taken up by harmless creatures such as birds.”


“Norwich Norse complies with the strict Health and Safety Executive Stewardship Guidelines for pest control and uses baits that are secure and fixed in position, not in open containers.  We also provide a survey to establish the extent and locations of infestations, from which we can provide highly targeted and cost effective solutions to pest problems.”


Norwich Norse provides pest control services to domestic, commercial, retail and wholesale premises, residential homes and housing associations.